Relu® Engine for Orthodontics

Plan orthodontic treatments with roots and bone

Save the patient four visits to the orthodontist by increasing the predictability and by convincing patient communication with CBCT.

1. Integrate Relu® Engine
Illustration showing code to integrate the Relu® Engine SDK
2. More predictable treatments
3. Attract more dentists
Relu icon in the center with teeth around with a plus icon to indicate the Relu generated more users for its clients

Advantages and benefits

Maximise treatment predictability

Avoid dehiscence, fenestrations and root collissions for increased predictability and 50% fewer adjustments during treatment.

Stand out from the crowd

Having the best software among competitors is absolutely essential to maximise your software and hardware sales.

Save the patient four visits to the orthodontist

Increased predictability leads to fewer revisions which means the patient requires on average four fewer visits simply by including a CBCT.

Happy patient, happy orthodontist

Put patients at ease by allowing the dentist to clearly communicate why the treatment is necessary and how it will work using root and bone information.

Relu® Engine features

Plan orthodontic treatment with roots & bone

CBCT segmentation of mandible, skull and mixed dentition

CBCT segmentation of airway

Segmentation of digital impression

Alignment of CBCT and digital impression

Fusion of CBCT roots and digital impression crowns

Designed for developers

Integration tailored to your software using a REST API, Docker Container or a local SDK

Save engineering time by using our easy-to-use APIs that help you automate the tedious and laborious tasks in the implant planning workflow. We make sure that you can ship as quickly as possible.

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Integration tailored to your software using a REST API, Docker Container or a local SDK
Desktop distribution

Run the Relu® Engine on the devices of your own users by integrating it as an SDK in your software using C++, C# or Java.

Client hosted servers

Deploy the Relu® Engine on your own servers with our Docker container distribution.

Relu hosted servers

Let Relu take care of the deployment and use our REST API to have Relu process the data and send you back the results in minutes.

What our clients say about the Engine

Our users will plan safer and faster with our 3D navigation software after integrating the Relu® Engine. With Relu, we saved several years of software development and we could go to market in a matter of months. Additionally, Relu unburdened our regulatory workload as they have the certifications and documentation we needed for our FDA and MDR applications.

CEO at 3D surgical navigation firm

At Ray, we always look for innovative and efficient technologies that can augment our product offerings. We have found precisely that with Relu's AI-assisted segmentation software for dental images. Relu has managed to reduce a formerly time-consuming process into one that is not only quick but also highly accurate.

Minkyu Lee
Director of Software Development, Ray Medical

Communication with Relu was seamless, and they were always receptive to our ideas and feedback. They went above and beyond to understand our needs and tailor the product to perfectly fit our requirements.

Ralph Georg
CEO, SmileFy

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