Frequently asked questions

Here you can find answers to questions like "What is the Relu® Engine?" and "Where is the Relu® Creator?".

What is the Relu® Engine?

The Relu® Engine is a plug-in for dental software developers to automate many of the steps that today are done manually by their users. Steps such as aligning intra-oral scans with CBCT, or with the facial scans, nerve tracing, teeth or bone segmentation and so on.

How can I start using the Relu® Engine as a dental software company?

A good place to start testing the technology is on our demo application called the Relu® Creator. You can create a free account and upload up to 5 CBCT, intra-oral and facial scans.
If you are interested to learn more about the Relu® Engine in person, then feel free to schedule a call here.

What is the difference between the Relu® Engine and the Relu® Creator?

The Relu® Engine is embedded in the background inside of existing dental software, while the Relu® Creator is Relu's own web application that also uses the Relu® Engine in the background to automatically segment and align CBCT, intra-oral scans and facial scans. You can also manually adjust the segmentations and alignments inside of the Relu® Creator. In other words, the Relu® Creator is a demo application of the Relu® Engine and it is also used by clinicians and dental technicians across the world.

Does the Relu® Engine make use of artificial intelligence?

Absolutely. Relu is a leading expert in deep learning technology for CBCT, digital impressions and facial scans. We have used tens of thousands of manually labelled images to train our AI models to do these manual tasks automatically.

Where can I find the Relu® Creator and how can I use it as a clinician or technician?

The Relu® Creator app can be accessed on https://creator.relu.eu and further explanation can be found on https://relu.eu/creator. We have moved information about our web-based segmentation application to a separate page on the website to avoid confusion with the Relu® Engine as the audience of the Relu® Engine is software companies while that of the Relu® Creator is mainly clinicians and dental technicians.