Our Team

Holger Willems
Thomas Beznik
Adriaan Van Gerven
Prof. Reinhilde Jacobs
Dental Imaging Advisor
Prof. Tinne Tuytelaars
Computer Vision Advisor
ESAT - KU Leuven
Antoine Coppens
Business Advisor
Bain & Company

Our Mission

Our mission is to activate AI in Dental. We believe that AI is the missing key to fully unlock the real power of dental imaging and digital dentistry. We realize our mission by offering state-of-the-art deep learning technology for 2D, 3D and 4D dental imaging.


Our Values

Our Story

Relu was founded in 2019 by four engineering students who shared a passion for AI. Holger Willems, Thomas Beznik, Adriaan Van Gerven and Antoine Coppens. They became fascinated by the imaging technology in Dental and realized the vast potential for AI. This moment defined their mission: Activating AI in Dental.