Project Description

In cooperation with OMFS-IMPATH, a research group from the KU Leuven that aims to advance oromaxillofacial surgery, Relu developed an application that can segment the molars and derive their angulation from the segmentation map. This application aims to support OMFS-IMPATH in their research to predict the necessity to remove the wisdom teeth in an earlier stage.

The application automatically calculates all the segmentation maps, computes the angles of the lower six molars and presents the results to the researcher. The researcher then reviews the images that were segmented by the program. In case the segmentation and angle were calculated correctly, the reviewer can verify the image and it then gets added to the data set. If not, the reviewer has the possibility to manually make changes to the segmentation in order to fix any mistakes. This way, Relu keeps the researcher in the loop which allows for 100% accurate results at a much higher pace than what was previously possible.

A demo of the application was shown at the 22nd International Congress of Dento-Maxillofacial Radiology in Philadelphia in order to show its potential for future research in the field.

Download publication here.

Client Details


Publication Vranckx et al, 2020

Category: Dental Research

Started on: August 2019

Ended on: September 2019

Location: Leuven, Belgium

Contact: Prof. Dr. R. Jacobs